adventures in running

Collinsville Moonlight 5k

Mom and I are registered in the Cherokee Nation Wings program, trying to make a healthy nation. You don’t have to be a Cherokee to be part of the program (it’s too late to register for this year.) They pay entry fees into sponsored races. Mom sent me an email about this race a while back and said we should do it. I said okay. It’s a free run, right? Why not? Um, here’s why – it was on a hot day in June. The run didn’t start until 8:45pm but it was  HUMID through the whole run, even in the dark. It got dark. And there were only a few volunteers. And lots of moving cars on the course. I’d already taken a nap for the day and didn’t want to get up!

Oh well. After all that, it really wasn’t so bad. I was moving. (=

I ran my intervals (run 2, walk 3) during the first 2 miles. I walked the last mile. I really felt pretty good.

But there were some pretty funny (at least to me) incidents …..

We took Mom’s car – a Mustang convertible with the top down! As soon as we pulled out of the driveway, I needed to use the restroom. Really bad. But we were only going to Collinsville.

But when we got to the football field I didn’t remember. We went and picked up our packets and went back to the car. I had put the timing chip on my shoe and then realized I REALLY needed to go to the bathroom. So, I took my bib & safety pins, left my mom in the car, and went in search of the restroom. (I graduated from Collinsville High School and I was in band, so the football field is my old stomping ground, but they’ve re-done a lot of it.) I found it and found an open stall and started doing my business. And then realized there was no tp. It had one of those nifty 5 roll dispensers with no tp. Ridiculous. Someone obviously dropped the ball here – having a run from the field and not making sure there’s tp. Runners use the restroom. Usually before they run. So, instead of asking the people next to me for tp and embarrassing myself by asking for some, I called my mom and had her help me out! She laughed but came to my rescue. Later she said why I didn’t just ask the people next to me. I said I didn’t want to embarrass myself by asking for more than they gave me. We both laughed.

After the run, back at her car, I’d unloaded all my stuff. I put my phone on top of the car and forgot I’d done that. I never do that. Ever. I don’t put things on top of any car because I don’t want to accidentally forget it’s there. I asked if we could put the top down, so Mom started the process and then we hear a thud. WOOPS!!! I asked her what that was, thinking maybe it’s a normal sound. She didn’t know what it was. Then it hit me! It was my phone!!! I told her to stop! I jumped out of the car and there it was on the ground. Fine. WHEW!! So thankful it didn’t destroy my phone. And that I wanted to put the top down so we didn’t just drive off with my phone on the car!!! We had to put the top up before we got on the highway, though, it was too cold to drive with the top down.

So, that was my evening.

I went 3.12 miles in 46:32 | Average pace – 14:53 | Mile 1 – 14:14 | Mile 2 – 15:19 | Mile 3 – 15:24 | Mile 3-3.12 – 1:34 (pace – 12:41) 


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