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The Color Run Tulsa!!!

I don’t know the people in this picture, but this sums up The Color Run!!! If it ever comes to your city or anywhere close, DO IT!!! It is by far the most fun I’ve had at a run. And I did the Walt Disney World Half Marathon at Disney World.

Mom and I before and after!!

 This thing makes my eco-friendly heart happy. Sort of. I mean, there weren’t plastic bottles to dispose of, but they were giving out styrofoam cups to put the water in …

Running groups are awesome. They allow you to make running friends. And running friends are very important when it comes to running!! They help motivate you. They give you just enough pressure to make you show up to run. But they make the run fun! The problem with running groups is, after that “session” is over, it’s hard to get everyone back together again. But most of us were able to reconnect for this run. JB is the only one from our group that we didn’t connect with. She was at the run, but we never saw her. Mom never saw her running peeps, either. She left us to go find her people and ended up running by herself.

I ran with KB, SG, SM (from my new running group), and a new running friend, D. SB took off like she’s known to do.

Check out all the people! These were the people in front of me. After at least 2 groups of people (around 1,000 in each group) had been sent on their way.

These were the people behind me.

They came right in front of us with the barricade. So we got to be at the front of a wave! Well, at least until they told us to run! 

When the group in front of us were sent on their way, the barricade and we followed!

The first color station. They had big ketchup like bottles full of the powder. They had a really good system going. This young lady was having fun!!

We spun around at each station. Got more than one volunteer to quirt us with color. We scooped up powder from the ground. As we were headed to the finish line after the last color station, the volunteers were cleaning up the first color station. The guy told us we could roll in it. KB and I did. I think SM might have, too. It was fun! But I didn’t end up with much of that color on me. But somehow it colored my underthings.

The second color station. This dude was dumping his bucket out on people! I don’t think any of my crew got it, though.

Just after I finished the 5k, they had a color festival explosion. (They did them about every 15 minutes.)

Also, it was right about here that Mom walked right in front of me. That was amazing timing!

Here’s Mom during the color festival.

And me and SG.


Mom’s backside.

My backside.

My water bottle.

Check out the similarities in my hand (on the left) and my mom’s.

Check out my car seat cover. I should have brought a towel like they said. HA When I got home, I just hit it with something until the color flew onto other things!

We were on 18th Street trying to get out of the run area and a lady in an older Jaguar in front of my hit the truck in front of her. We’d been sitting in traffic for a while. I have no idea what she was doing or how she hit him!

Then we went to Kum n Go for Krispy Kreme donuts and a Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla. The people in there were shocked to see us. We must have been the first from the run to come in.

And since we were right there, we went to Whole Foods. We were not the first from the run to be there, nor were we the only ones from the run in there at the time! But we did get some strange looks. (=

Then we went to Ulta. The ladies working knew about The Color Run. They asked how it was. Seemed like they would have enjoyed being at the run.

Then to PetCo. No one knew about The Color Run. One customer said, “I don’t know what you did, but it must have been fun!”

Then to Claremore because Mom had a hair appointment. And she didn’t warn the stylist that she had color in her hair. She still had color on her scalp when we left. LOL

Then we went to the Boom-A-Rang Diner. We hadn’t been there before but Mom said she heard they ground their own beef and cut their fries fresh. When we got there, all the tables were full. That’s a really good sign, right? Someone got up just a minute after we got there, so we didn’t have to wait long. They wiped the table off and we sat down. It was still wet so Mom left her mark. It didn’t come off with some scrubbing. /= Sorry!!

One lady came up to us and said when we came in that she saw Mom’s arms and thought she had been in a terrible accident. She was relieved that we hadn’t been!

Another older gentleman walked by and said, “I don’t know what you guys did, but you deserve 100% for your dedication.”

So, the burger and fries were good! Check them out if you’re in Claremore or Owasso! Just make sure to ask if the sweet tea tastes good on that particular day before you order it. (=

Here are my shoes and socks.

And my shoes and feet. Notice the dirty look of my toes from the color and the ring around my ankles!

After scrubbing in the shower, I got most of it off. I had a few faint spots left on my face and a big patch of blue under an arm pit.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. The run was awesome. For real, if it comes anywhere near you, do it!!! You won’t regret it! But, make sure you get all colored up. I saw pics of JB and she just wasn’t colorful enough!!


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