adventures in running

the past two weeks – almost 20 miles

I’ve been lazy with my blog.

But I haven’t been lazy with my running!!

Mom and I signed up to do the Disneyland Half Marathon September 2, 2012. So, we’re training. For real. And we will rock this half marathon and receive Coast to Coast medals!!!

I’m again begging for voice recordings for my half marathon run! If you’re interested, leave a comment.

Coach LS has been gone for the last two weeks so P2 (my group) and P3 (the group KB is coaching) have been running together. The only difference is running pace. We do the same intervals. P2 is supposed to run about a minute/mile faster than P3. But with the ridiculous heat, we’ve been running slower than the schedule says anyway.

Last Saturday’s run wasn’t fantastic. I wore a shirt I’d never worn before. I’m usually pretty particular. I wear Under Armour loose fitting shirts that are more thin than paper. That makes them super light weight. The shirt I wore was too heavy. It’s amazing that there’s that much difference.

Also, I ate toast with pecan butter instead of peanut butter. I ran out of fuel.

The goal was to go 5 miles. And we did. But I walked the whole second half. I had pushed too hard during my run intervals. I was running them as fast as our weekday training runs when we’d go between 1.5 and 2.5 miles. Ridiculous to think I could do it for 5 miles without the training.

Today’s run was awesome. Everything lined up just perfectly.

We left home around 8:30. Not as early as we should have. But the sky was overcast. Throughout the whole run. It looked like ti might sprinkle on us, but it never did.

It was overcast and breezy!

I’d fueled properly with toast and peanut butter!

I took 2 packages of sport beans and only ate one along the run.

I slowed down on my run intervals. The intervals for this week were supposed to be run 4, walk 3, 5 times. But for this really long run, I didn’t want to war myself out. So, I did run 3, walk 3. There were a few times when I walked when I should have been running. My iphone app that I use to track my intervals stopped telling me when to switch so I walked while I figured that out.

So, this post is kind of lame, but feast your eyes on these pictures ….. this is why you should run in Skiatook …..

Yep …. it’s a splash pad. The water was chilly but it felt awesome after a long run!!!!

And “The Flavor Fountain” snow cone stand opens at 11. It’s not as good as my favorite – Paradise Ice in Owasso – but it was a nice after run treat!

That is a parachute! There were two of them, but once I decided to take a picture, I couldn’t find the other one!

So, here’s a record of my runs for the last two weeks –

6.26 – 1.58 miles in 24:28 | average pace 15:09

6.28 – 1.64 in 23:49 | average3 pace 14:30

6.30 – 5.15 in 1:19:58 | average pace 15:31

7.3 – 2.51 in 37:55 |average pace 15:06

7.5 – 2.53 miles in 39:09 average pace 15:30

7.7 – 7.27 miles in 1:57:23 | average pace 16:09 | Mile 1 – 16:46 | Mile 2 – 15:22 (best mile!) | Mile 3 – 16:11 | Mile 4 – 16:21 | Mile 5 – 16:35 | Mile 6 – 15:45 | Mile 7 – 15:51 | Mile 7-7.27 – 4:30 (16:45 pace)


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