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Less than 100* – not a bad run

Last week we upped our run intervals to run 4, walk 3. But it was sooo hot we slowed our pace down a bit. Because it wasn’t quite so hot this afternoon, we didn’t slow our pace. And that was okay for the most part.

I’m still doing a good job running at the front with the coach. The last 2 weeks it’s been Coach N. For those of you that really know me, I’m good with quiet. I actually prefer it most of the time. And coach N is good for that. He just runs along looking like he’s just out for an afternoon stroll. Until you notice that he’s dripping sweat. What is he doing to be that sweaty???

Coach LS was back today, but the other P2 coach wasn’t, so the P2 and P3 groups ran together again. That’s why Coach N’s been leading. He’s actually a p3 coach.

For real, running can sometimes make your sour attitude better. Running with people that irritate you can sometimes make your attitude sour. Would you believe that my attitude got worse today? I’m sure you don’t want to believe it. I typed a hateful paragraph but deleted it. This blog’s about my running, not how I let others affect me. (= I chose to run with a group and so I have to deal with the people God put in the group.

So, as we were getting ready to head out for our run today, I saw a couple of people wearing cotton. And I thought I’d take time to blog about proper gear. But it’s too late in the day to do that today. But maybe tomorrow. Be on the lookout for it. (=


One response

  1. C'est moi

    I can believe your attitude got worse. 😉 You could always come run at the back with me. I might not be as quiet as N but I promise I won’t drip sweat all over you… hahahahaha
    You are doing AWESOME!!!

    July 10, 2012 at 11:13 pm

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