adventures in running

I hate running late …

I hate running late. Reeeeaaaaalllllllllyyyy hate being late. Anywhere I go. Now usually, I’m a little more lenient on myself in the mornings because I like sleep more than I hate being late. But generally, once I’m up for the day, I’m early everywhere I go.

I was leaving work today to go home and take care of the inside dogs before meeting my running group and an alarm dings on my phone. I had a microdermabrasion appointment in 30 minutes. And it takes 45 minutes to get to her place in Claremore. AAAHHHH!!! I should have set my alarm for earlier. (And I did for my next appointment.) I usually look at my calendar during the day but it just didn’t happen today. So, I was 15 minutes late to my appointment. And then my lady worked on me until 5:25.

Mom went home to take care of the dogs.

And then I had to run to Owasso to meet my running group at 6. And I still had to change. The first hold up was a train. I know. Claremore means train in some ancient language. It’s not a surprise to anyone that’s reading this and knows the Claremore area. And then I got behind an older man who only went about 45 on highway 20. I’ll give him a little bit of credit, he couldn’t have gone a whole lot faster than that because there were people in front of him, but he wasn’t going as fast as he could have.

I hit every red light on 96th Street. And really wished I could have multi-tasked! I had plenty of time to change in my car.

I peeled into the parking lot to find everyone still inside. Whew! I changed as quickly as I could. And I was done just in time!

Ooohhhhh …. when I was sitting in the car at a red light, I did multi-task a bit. I put sunscreen on my face. Alcohol based Bull Frog (because it’s supposed to be better for my stupid acne prone skin.) And the microdermabrasion scrapes a few layers of skin off my face. So …. OUCH!!!!

So, I did pretty well on my run. The first 3 run intervals were awesome. It was hot. I can’t tell you the exact temp. Two signs in Claremore, in the same block, were different – one said 99* and the other said 102*. The one by the church we run for said 96*. The 4th run interval wasn’t bad either. We stopped at the water 2 and a half minutes into the run. And we picked up where we left off and I did fine. But my body just wasn’t up for the 5th run interval. After we stop for water, my body thinks I’m done running. KB says it’ll get better. I hope so, but this is why I carry my own water. During races, I don’t ever have to slow down at a water stop.

I did my best to avoid what soured my attitude on Tuesday. It wasn’t easy. But it was good for me.

I went 2.52 in 38:29 | Mile 1 – 14:34 | Mile 2 – 15:08 | Mile 2-2.52 – 8.48 (17:01 min/mile | average pace – 15:17


2 responses

  1. C'est moi

    “Claremore means train in some ancient language.”
    OH MY GOSH you are KILLING me!!! hahahahahahaha

    I think everyone was feeling the heat tonight. I don’t know why – relatively speaking, it wasn’t as bad as it has been but it sure felt like it!! Mind you, that sprinkler was lovely!

    July 12, 2012 at 11:31 pm

  2. (= It’s gotta be true! The sprinklers were awesome!!! Nice that they have several of them!

    July 12, 2012 at 11:37 pm

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