adventures in running

Mock 5k

Love this pic!! (= I promise I haven’t done any spray painting lately….

It was hot. Really hot. I heard on the radio on my way that a storm should be rolling through. I hoped it would make it to us before we started running. But it didn’t.

When we took off, it was so hot!

There was a bit of confusion. I thought Coach KB said we were going to run with Coach N. But I was wrong. Coach N was running with N3 running 9 minutes and walking 1. Um, no. No thanks. Sorry Coach N, I’m not that crazy.

So we ran to catch up with our P2 group. Then D and I decided to fall back to P3. That was an excellent choice. C was just cruising along with P2. I’m very proud of her!!!

I gave up on running before we were half done. But there were still quite a few people behind me so I didn’t feel too bad!

C fell back and D took off!! She was cruising!

C and I finished the 5k together. I’m very thankful to have a friend to talk to while walking!!

Since I wasn’t in a hurry to finish, I took a few pictures ….. I love this one. There’s a “Tracy Park” in Tulsa and the sign even has tulips, my favorite flower!!

At mile 1.84 these rolled in ….

And at mile 1.94 it thundered. Just after it thundered, it started sprinkling.

At 2.84 it started pouring down rain so we ran to the store!

We certainly could have used cooler temperatures from the beginning this evening!

I’m hoping for a personal record (PR) at the Bedlam 5k, completing my 5k in under 40 minutes. I did not do that today …. not by a long shot ….. but there’s still a chance I can do it on race day!

I went 3.11 miles in 51:46:07 | average pace 16:39 | Mile 1 – 14:30 | Mile 2: 16:32 | Mile 3 – 19:09 | Mile 3-3.11 – 1:35 (14:37 min/mile)


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