adventures in running

7.23 on the Osage Prairie Trail

This week has not been a good running week for me. I didn’t do well on Tuesday or Thursday. But I did show up, so I do give myself credit for that.

And I really wasn’t feeling up to running a long run today. But I showed up.

Before the run, I thought I should do 8 miles. Remember, Mom and I are training for a half marathon. Mom set out to do 10. Because she’s crazy.

She started off really well a and kept going!

I could have turned around after 5 minutes. And then I could have turned around at 2.5 and finished 5. And that would have been okay. And I probably should have done that for my feet.

But I didn’t. I went a little more than 3.5 before turning around. So I finished with 7.23 miles.

My feet hurt. I walked a lot. You’ll see below that after I hit mile 2 I was pretty much done running.

Mom drove today so she gave me her car key in case I finished before her. And I did.

I decided on this run that after the Disneyland Half Marathon, I’m done running. I don’t like spending so much time running. For real. I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes “running” and another hour driving (round trip) to do the running.

The fun thing about running at the Osage Prairie Trail is that there’s a splash pad at the park at the end. And the splash pad felt nice. But there were quite a few families there so I felt a little awkward. Especially since I was waiting on Mom to finish.

I went 7.23 miles in 2:15:00 | Average pace 18:40 | Mile 1 – 17:01 | Mile 2 – 16:14 | Mile 3 – 18:08 | Mile 4 – 20:02 | Mile 5 – 19:01 | Mile 6 19:34 | Mile 7 – 19:46 | Mile 7-7.23 – 5:11 (22:18 min/mile pace)


One response

  1. C'est moi

    You aren’t done running. You might be finished with halfs, or anything longer than 5ks…. but you’re not done. There is NOTHING WRONG with sticking to a 5k. There is NOTHING WRONG with walking. Heck, there’s NOTHING WRONG with running slow either!!

    Sometimes it’s just about finding your happy – the right pace, the right people, the right distance…. 😉

    July 25, 2012 at 7:13 am

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