adventures in running

From Skiatook to Sperry and Back

Yep. We went from Skiatook to Sperry and back to Skiatook on the Osage Prairie Trail.

We planned to leave early to beat the heat. I set my alarm for 4:40, but I must have turned it off. I woke up to Sadie barking outside my window at 7.

So, we got ready and got to Skiatook around 8:30. And that was really too late to start such a long run.

I walked the first mile. I changed the intervals on my iphone app several times until I thought I could go 9 miles with those intervals. But that was silly of me. I did my intervals (run 2, walk 4) for miles 2 and 3, but I walked after that.

Mom walked most of it, too. She was in front of me, like always, but I could still see her in front of me. That doesn’t always happen. At 4.15 she came back to me like she was turning around. And in hind-sight, we should have turned around. She walked with me until we hit Sperry, which is 5 miles from Skiatook on the trail. There’s a water fountain just off the path, she filled up her water bottle, I made my own splash pad out of the water fountain ….

We’ve learned our lesson – we’ll always run with money. I’ve always heard my coaches say to run with money – you never know when you’ll be too far away to get back. But I’ve never gone far enough to need a ride. Like I’d be able to catch a ride if I did. There aren’t cabs where I run. And who in their right mind is going to take a sweaty runner back to her car? Even if she’s got money. And I don’t think I’m crazy enough to trust someone that says they’ll take me back to my car. Anyway, there was a pop machine on the left, just outside of the picture, and if we’d had money, we probably would have bought a soda. Maybe a water. But, we didn’t have any money, so Mom filled up at the water fountain. I thought I had enough water to get me back to the car. Neither of us did.

I walked the whole way back. At an extremely slow pace. Nothing on my body hurt so bad that I needed to stop, but my body just wanted to stop. It was so hot. So ridiculously hot.

The 2 miles closest to the park in Skiatook are the least shaded. Heading out, it’s usually not so noticeable, but when you’re 2 miles from the car, and it’s 11am, it’s just almost unbearable.

Between mile 8 and 9 I caught up to Mom sitting on a light pole in the shade. There’s a cement block under the light (you can see a light pole in the picture below.) She started to get up as I approached, but I told her not to, I needed to sit for a bit.

Then I sat on another one for a minute or two. I told myself that wasn’t helping me any. So I got up.

I’ve got too much “give up” in me to be an Olympian!!  Watching the Olympics is amazing! But I couldn’t do it!

And then I came upon Mom sitting in the grass at 9.06. I sat down with her. My dad lives in Skiatook, you can see one of these light poles from his back yard. I said we could call him. But Mom thought we could make it back without help. She said I could call to have him bring us cold water. HA If I call, I’m having him take me back to the car!!

We sat here for a few minutes. Then she decided she was ready to finish.

We stopped again at 9.22 and 9.6 in the shade of some trees.

At 9.6 she was done. I left my empty water belt (with my phone in it) and headed for the car. And then went back to get my phone. I wouldn’t be able to find her without the map from my phone! Wasted steps and energy right there!

I used my map app and found the route to Walmart, just so I’d know where she was.

And walked as quickly as I could. When I got to the park, I made a straight path just outside of the park, in the grass, to the car.

I picked her up and we went to Kum n Go. I went in and got us each a 32 ounce soda and I got 2 Krispy Kreme donuts.

Then we went next door to Carl’s Jr. where Mom got sweet potato fries.

And I’d sucked down my soda before we got to Sonic. So we stopped at Sonic for another soda. You might also notice that my fingers are swollen….. I don’t usually have fat fingers. Most everything else is fat, but my fingers aren’t so much.

And I had sucked most of the 2nd soda down before we hit QT at Highway 75. But we didn’t stop. Half a gallon of soda should be my limit. ;D

Mom kept saying, “I about died.” And we would laugh! This totally reminded me of the run we did 2 weeks before the Joplin Half when we decided we wouldn’t do it. But we’ve already paid too much to not do the Disneyland Half. And we’ve got several more weeks to train. We’ll make it and we’ll do well and we’ll have a great time. And we won’t do this again!!

And the splash pad at the Skiatook park was only open from 5-8pm to conserve water. That was a bummer!!! We certainly could have used a nice cold shower!

So, words of wisdom to avoid runs like this – DON’T RUN IN THE HEAT OF THE DAY WHEN THE TEMPERATURE IS SUPPOSED OT GET OVER 100!!!!!


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