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Bedlam 5k

First – MY NUMBER WAS 1234!!!!!!!

Since Thursday, I’ve had two places on my left leg that have been tight. And those spots bothered me today. But they didn’t keep me from having my fastest average paced run in the last 12 months. (=

So …. maybe I won’t give up running. Maybe. I’ve asked KB to make me some more skirts. And I think I’ve talked myself into buying a Trigger Point. So maybe I won’t give up. After looking at the website, I’m interested in the ColdRoller, but it looks like it’s just for lower leg. It looks smaller than what should be used on quads. I’ve heard others mention freezing water in a plastic bottle and rolling on that. I may try that. (=

I’m very proud of my new running friends, CC and DJ!! Both finished about 20 seconds faster than me. Aaaaannnndddd …. a friend from middle school and high school finished 3 seconds faster than me! Also, another classmate was the first female to finish the 10k!!!

I set my intervals to run 2, walk 1. I figured that would maximize my potential.

I really did well the first mile. Actually, my Garmin beeped at 1 mile before I realized I’d gone that far. I truly rocked my first mile. That included the stinking hill/overpass over the train yard. I RAN UP THAT HILL! And down the other side.

The second mile wasn’t so good. Those tight places I mentioned earlier were really bothering me the 2nd mile. I walked several run intervals.

I picked it up again on mile 3, thinking I just needed to push through the pain if I could. I mean, I don’t want to hurt myself with the half marathon so close, but I wanted to do well in this run! I ran the last .15 at a pretty fast pace. I was really ready to be done! I get pretty close to the finish line and see one of the P2 coaches waiting to run our group in. And I don’t think she saw me. And I was relieved. Until KB’s husband saw me. DANGIT! And as I usually do, I took off at the very end.

Mom didn’t run. She worked the registration table early this morning.

I went 3.17 in 42:52 | average pace 13:31 | Mile 1 – 12:56 | Mile 2 – 14:19 | Mile 3 – 13:52 | Mile 3-3.17 – 1:44 (10:16 pace)

Left to right – M, CC, DJ, and me

Then we went to the Cherry Street Farmers Market! Holy cow was it hot!!! I can’t believe there were so many vendors out there with as hot as it was. Mom was looking for some beeswax lotion bars. There was someone there last time. But they weren’t there today. So, I searched pinterest for a recipe and found one. And we had all the ingredients. So I made them when I got home.

After the Farmers Market, we went to Whole Foods (with a stop at Kum & Go for Krispy Kreme donuts first.)

All in all, it was a good run and a good day. I suppose I’ll keep my mind open about running past my half marathon. 😉