adventures in running


So my name is Tracy. I started running in May of 2010. My mom started a couch to 5k program, No Boundaries, through Fleet Feet, in Claremore at the end of March or beginning of April. She would come home and say that she was able to run 1 minute several times, then 2 minutes, and so on. After a few weeks of that, I decided if she could do it, I could, too!!! Especially since there is a Fleet Feet store almost across the street from where I work!! So, I signed up for the next No Boundaries program they had in Tulsa and I was off!!!

I was slow. I was in the slowest group that actually ran. The next slowest group was walkers. I was almost always in the back. Not much has changed in over a year of running, but I am still running, and that’s what matters!!

I completed several 5ks before my first “graduation race” with No Boundaries. I LOVE doing races. I HATE getting up early to go to the races, but I LOVE the atmosphere at them!!

I did the No Boundaries program twice and then moved up to the Pathways program which is a 10k training program. Again, the slowest group, but again, still moving!

During Pathways, I ran with a wonderful bunch of ladies. We all got along well, met on Saturdays to run together. Met to run races. It was just a fun time. During the program, we all half-joked about doing a half marathon. By the end of the program, we all pretty much decided we would all do a half marathon. Different half marathons.

I plan to do the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January 2012!

Fleet Feet has a marathon and half marathon training program as well, but No Boundaries and Pathways meet two nights a week with an additional opportunity on Saturday to run. The marathon and half marathon training program only has coached runs Saturday mornings. At 6:30 am. And in Tulsa. While I am sure the program is top notch like the others were, I don’t feel like paying to participate in this program. I could certainly change my mind, though.

So, Mom and I are running together to train for the half marathon. She’s going to do the Disney World Half, too.

In addition to completing 5ks (3.1 miles) as they come up, I also plan to do the Bedlam 10k (6.2 miles) July 30th, the Williams Route 66 Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles) October 15, and the Tulsa Run 15k (9.3 miles) on October 29, in preparation for my half marathon.

I try to blog after each run, but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

If you have any running suggestions for me, let me know!


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