adventures in running


August – Preparing for the Disneyland Half Marathon

So, I’ve been laaaaazy about my posting. But I haven’t been lazy about my running. Well, mostly I haven’t been lazy about my running. I’ve done it. But some of them weren’t pretty.

8/9 – 1.8 in 28:01 | 15:31
8/11 – 13.12 in 3:53:36 | 17:48
8/14 – 3.35 in 53:05 | 15:50
8/16 – 2.06 in 31:51 | 15:28
8/18 – 10.7 in 3:02:59 | 17:06
8/21 – 2 in 30:00 | 15:00
8/23 – 2.25 in 32:58 | 14:38
8/25 – 3.02 in 49:06 | 16:16 – Glow Run
8/28 – 2.23 in 34:13 | 15:19

58 miles in August.

619.31 miles since May 22, 2010.

The Disneyland Half Marathon is on Sunday. I’m super excited! And a little nervous! Still having a bit of a shoe issue like my first half. But I think I’ve got a good solution. I’ve got a fun new skirt and a tank top! Here’s a picture of the skirt and the fabric I bought. I haven’t taken a picture of the skirt that KB made out of it.

And here’s a picture of my new shoes.

If you look closely, you might notice that my left ankle is a little swollen. I’m not real sure what my issue is, but it’s been swollen often.

And here’s a video of me crossing the finish line at the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January. Just because I think it’s fun. I’m in the pink shirt and black & white skirt on the right side of the screen.

I did get 13.13 miles in once and then we went shopping. I wasn’t nearly as sore as I was after our half marathon in January. And we did 10 miles a few times. Our goal this time is to visit the Disneyland Theme Park on Sunday, after our half marathon and a shower. And maybe a nap.




From Skiatook to Sperry and Back

Yep. We went from Skiatook to Sperry and back to Skiatook on the Osage Prairie Trail.

We planned to leave early to beat the heat. I set my alarm for 4:40, but I must have turned it off. I woke up to Sadie barking outside my window at 7.

So, we got ready and got to Skiatook around 8:30. And that was really too late to start such a long run.

I walked the first mile. I changed the intervals on my iphone app several times until I thought I could go 9 miles with those intervals. But that was silly of me. I did my intervals (run 2, walk 4) for miles 2 and 3, but I walked after that.

Mom walked most of it, too. She was in front of me, like always, but I could still see her in front of me. That doesn’t always happen. At 4.15 she came back to me like she was turning around. And in hind-sight, we should have turned around. She walked with me until we hit Sperry, which is 5 miles from Skiatook on the trail. There’s a water fountain just off the path, she filled up her water bottle, I made my own splash pad out of the water fountain ….

We’ve learned our lesson – we’ll always run with money. I’ve always heard my coaches say to run with money – you never know when you’ll be too far away to get back. But I’ve never gone far enough to need a ride. Like I’d be able to catch a ride if I did. There aren’t cabs where I run. And who in their right mind is going to take a sweaty runner back to her car? Even if she’s got money. And I don’t think I’m crazy enough to trust someone that says they’ll take me back to my car. Anyway, there was a pop machine on the left, just outside of the picture, and if we’d had money, we probably would have bought a soda. Maybe a water. But, we didn’t have any money, so Mom filled up at the water fountain. I thought I had enough water to get me back to the car. Neither of us did.

I walked the whole way back. At an extremely slow pace. Nothing on my body hurt so bad that I needed to stop, but my body just wanted to stop. It was so hot. So ridiculously hot.

The 2 miles closest to the park in Skiatook are the least shaded. Heading out, it’s usually not so noticeable, but when you’re 2 miles from the car, and it’s 11am, it’s just almost unbearable.

Between mile 8 and 9 I caught up to Mom sitting on a light pole in the shade. There’s a cement block under the light (you can see a light pole in the picture below.) She started to get up as I approached, but I told her not to, I needed to sit for a bit.

Then I sat on another one for a minute or two. I told myself that wasn’t helping me any. So I got up.

I’ve got too much “give up” in me to be an Olympian!!  Watching the Olympics is amazing! But I couldn’t do it!

And then I came upon Mom sitting in the grass at 9.06. I sat down with her. My dad lives in Skiatook, you can see one of these light poles from his back yard. I said we could call him. But Mom thought we could make it back without help. She said I could call to have him bring us cold water. HA If I call, I’m having him take me back to the car!!

We sat here for a few minutes. Then she decided she was ready to finish.

We stopped again at 9.22 and 9.6 in the shade of some trees.

At 9.6 she was done. I left my empty water belt (with my phone in it) and headed for the car. And then went back to get my phone. I wouldn’t be able to find her without the map from my phone! Wasted steps and energy right there!

I used my map app and found the route to Walmart, just so I’d know where she was.

And walked as quickly as I could. When I got to the park, I made a straight path just outside of the park, in the grass, to the car.

I picked her up and we went to Kum n Go. I went in and got us each a 32 ounce soda and I got 2 Krispy Kreme donuts.

Then we went next door to Carl’s Jr. where Mom got sweet potato fries.

And I’d sucked down my soda before we got to Sonic. So we stopped at Sonic for another soda. You might also notice that my fingers are swollen….. I don’t usually have fat fingers. Most everything else is fat, but my fingers aren’t so much.

And I had sucked most of the 2nd soda down before we hit QT at Highway 75. But we didn’t stop. Half a gallon of soda should be my limit. ;D

Mom kept saying, “I about died.” And we would laugh! This totally reminded me of the run we did 2 weeks before the Joplin Half when we decided we wouldn’t do it. But we’ve already paid too much to not do the Disneyland Half. And we’ve got several more weeks to train. We’ll make it and we’ll do well and we’ll have a great time. And we won’t do this again!!

And the splash pad at the Skiatook park was only open from 5-8pm to conserve water. That was a bummer!!! We certainly could have used a nice cold shower!

So, words of wisdom to avoid runs like this – DON’T RUN IN THE HEAT OF THE DAY WHEN THE TEMPERATURE IS SUPPOSED OT GET OVER 100!!!!!

Bedlam 5k

First – MY NUMBER WAS 1234!!!!!!!

Since Thursday, I’ve had two places on my left leg that have been tight. And those spots bothered me today. But they didn’t keep me from having my fastest average paced run in the last 12 months. (=

So …. maybe I won’t give up running. Maybe. I’ve asked KB to make me some more skirts. And I think I’ve talked myself into buying a Trigger Point. So maybe I won’t give up. After looking at the website, I’m interested in the ColdRoller, but it looks like it’s just for lower leg. It looks smaller than what should be used on quads. I’ve heard others mention freezing water in a plastic bottle and rolling on that. I may try that. (=

I’m very proud of my new running friends, CC and DJ!! Both finished about 20 seconds faster than me. Aaaaannnndddd …. a friend from middle school and high school finished 3 seconds faster than me! Also, another classmate was the first female to finish the 10k!!!

I set my intervals to run 2, walk 1. I figured that would maximize my potential.

I really did well the first mile. Actually, my Garmin beeped at 1 mile before I realized I’d gone that far. I truly rocked my first mile. That included the stinking hill/overpass over the train yard. I RAN UP THAT HILL! And down the other side.

The second mile wasn’t so good. Those tight places I mentioned earlier were really bothering me the 2nd mile. I walked several run intervals.

I picked it up again on mile 3, thinking I just needed to push through the pain if I could. I mean, I don’t want to hurt myself with the half marathon so close, but I wanted to do well in this run! I ran the last .15 at a pretty fast pace. I was really ready to be done! I get pretty close to the finish line and see one of the P2 coaches waiting to run our group in. And I don’t think she saw me. And I was relieved. Until KB’s husband saw me. DANGIT! And as I usually do, I took off at the very end.

Mom didn’t run. She worked the registration table early this morning.

I went 3.17 in 42:52 | average pace 13:31 | Mile 1 – 12:56 | Mile 2 – 14:19 | Mile 3 – 13:52 | Mile 3-3.17 – 1:44 (10:16 pace)

Left to right – M, CC, DJ, and me

Then we went to the Cherry Street Farmers Market! Holy cow was it hot!!! I can’t believe there were so many vendors out there with as hot as it was. Mom was looking for some beeswax lotion bars. There was someone there last time. But they weren’t there today. So, I searched pinterest for a recipe and found one. And we had all the ingredients. So I made them when I got home.

After the Farmers Market, we went to Whole Foods (with a stop at Kum & Go for Krispy Kreme donuts first.)

All in all, it was a good run and a good day. I suppose I’ll keep my mind open about running past my half marathon. 😉

Last week of NoBo in Owasso, this session anyway

And I couldn’t be more relieved. I’m not looking forward to the goal race on Saturday. My goal when I started was to run the 5k in under 40 minutes. Most people do this with very little effort. I have done quite a few 5ks and have yet to be under 40 minutes. I’m slow. And for the most part, I’m okay with that. But I’ve really struggled these last few weeks.

I love most of the people I run with. I love the camaraderie. We have a good time together. But I haven’t enjoyed the runs. And I know that not all runs are created equal. (= I know that there are so many factors that determine a run. But I really do feel like after we do the Disneyland half marathon in September that I’ll be done running. I’d be done after the 5k on Saturday if we hadn’t already paid for the Disneyland half. .

I hope this feeling changes. But right now, I’m ready to quit. And that’s a tough place to be because I’ve got 6 more weeks of training.

The last few weeks, probably since we moved up from running 3 minutes at a time to running 4 minutes at a time, I’ve had a hard time. If you’ve kept up with my blog, the second time I did No Boundaries in 2010 I started out with the P2 group. And I did well until we started running longer. And then it was just too fast for me. So I went back to P3 and did fine. And so my guess is I’m pushing too hard in the beginning and I run out of steam for the end. And in 2010, I was okay with that. The advantage I’ve had the last few weeks is that P2 and P3 have run together so I didn’t have to worry too much about slowing my group down.

I really would like to go faster, but at this point, I’d like to be able to do all my intervals.

The heat has been a huge factor. I’m proud of myself for competing this session. And I’m still hoping to be under 40 minutes on Saturday. We’ll see how that goes.

I went 2.59 miles in 41:26 | Average pace 15:59 | Mile 1 – 14:27 | Mile 2 – 16:32 | Mile 2-2.59 – 10:27 (17:40 pace)

7.23 on the Osage Prairie Trail

This week has not been a good running week for me. I didn’t do well on Tuesday or Thursday. But I did show up, so I do give myself credit for that.

And I really wasn’t feeling up to running a long run today. But I showed up.

Before the run, I thought I should do 8 miles. Remember, Mom and I are training for a half marathon. Mom set out to do 10. Because she’s crazy.

She started off really well a and kept going!

I could have turned around after 5 minutes. And then I could have turned around at 2.5 and finished 5. And that would have been okay. And I probably should have done that for my feet.

But I didn’t. I went a little more than 3.5 before turning around. So I finished with 7.23 miles.

My feet hurt. I walked a lot. You’ll see below that after I hit mile 2 I was pretty much done running.

Mom drove today so she gave me her car key in case I finished before her. And I did.

I decided on this run that after the Disneyland Half Marathon, I’m done running. I don’t like spending so much time running. For real. I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes “running” and another hour driving (round trip) to do the running.

The fun thing about running at the Osage Prairie Trail is that there’s a splash pad at the park at the end. And the splash pad felt nice. But there were quite a few families there so I felt a little awkward. Especially since I was waiting on Mom to finish.

I went 7.23 miles in 2:15:00 | Average pace 18:40 | Mile 1 – 17:01 | Mile 2 – 16:14 | Mile 3 – 18:08 | Mile 4 – 20:02 | Mile 5 – 19:01 | Mile 6 19:34 | Mile 7 – 19:46 | Mile 7-7.23 – 5:11 (22:18 min/mile pace)

Mock 5k

Love this pic!! (= I promise I haven’t done any spray painting lately….

It was hot. Really hot. I heard on the radio on my way that a storm should be rolling through. I hoped it would make it to us before we started running. But it didn’t.

When we took off, it was so hot!

There was a bit of confusion. I thought Coach KB said we were going to run with Coach N. But I was wrong. Coach N was running with N3 running 9 minutes and walking 1. Um, no. No thanks. Sorry Coach N, I’m not that crazy.

So we ran to catch up with our P2 group. Then D and I decided to fall back to P3. That was an excellent choice. C was just cruising along with P2. I’m very proud of her!!!

I gave up on running before we were half done. But there were still quite a few people behind me so I didn’t feel too bad!

C fell back and D took off!! She was cruising!

C and I finished the 5k together. I’m very thankful to have a friend to talk to while walking!!

Since I wasn’t in a hurry to finish, I took a few pictures ….. I love this one. There’s a “Tracy Park” in Tulsa and the sign even has tulips, my favorite flower!!

At mile 1.84 these rolled in ….

And at mile 1.94 it thundered. Just after it thundered, it started sprinkling.

At 2.84 it started pouring down rain so we ran to the store!

We certainly could have used cooler temperatures from the beginning this evening!

I’m hoping for a personal record (PR) at the Bedlam 5k, completing my 5k in under 40 minutes. I did not do that today …. not by a long shot ….. but there’s still a chance I can do it on race day!

I went 3.11 miles in 51:46:07 | average pace 16:39 | Mile 1 – 14:30 | Mile 2: 16:32 | Mile 3 – 19:09 | Mile 3-3.11 – 1:35 (14:37 min/mile)

Awful run

For real. The only good thing about this run is that I did it.

There were obstacles to overcome, though.

  • Sunday, Mom and I stopped at a neighbor’s house to buy some home-grown tomatoes. And I fell in their yard. I’d like to say I fell in a hole but I just don’t believe that’s the truth. I think my left ankle just briefly gave up on me. It was sore and swollen. May have still been a bit sore and swollen today, but not enough to slow me down. And really didn’t hurt while running.
  • I had 3 fillings from my childhood re-done at 4pm and we meet to run at 6pm. I was still numb. I wasn’t completely back to normal until just after we finished running.
  • It was really hot outside!

It may have been a combination of all 3. It may have been all mental, but I just didn’t do well on tonight’s run.

I started in the back so that I wasn’t tempted to keep up with Coach N. I did eventually catch up to him. And then I couldn’t run anymore. LOL Maybe that was my problem.

The intervals were run 4, walk 2, 6 times. I ran the first 2 intervals just fine. Pretty sure I walked the 2nd half of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th, and walked the whole 6th interval.


This past Saturday, I only went 2.13 miles. Mom and I thought we’d do 8 this weekend but we had so much going on we didn’t really have time for 8. And we didn’t get up early enough for it. So we went to the track at Oologah Public Schools. The track is good and bad. Good – it’s a little cushy so it’s easier on your feet, you never get too far from the car. Bad – there was very little shade, you can stop at each lap!!! Mom got 4 in. I gave up after 2.

Then we went to An Affair of the Heart and I turned my Garmin on then put it in my sack pack. I don’t believe my Garmin’s completely accurate, it says we went 9 miles in 2 hours and 44 minutes. While walking around in a crowded fair type atmosphere. I doubt we went 9 miles and I doubt we did it in 2 hours and 44 minutes.